Mr Iain O’Neill BSc is our expert in gentle periodontal (gums and bone) care and prevention.

He will assist you in the prevention of all types of dental problems using a host of treatment techniques.

As a Dental Therapist, he is qualified to restore teeth with fillings, as well as provide the hygiene therapy you are used to. This includes sensitivity treatment, deep cleansing, stain removal and, of course, empowering you with bespoke hygiene methods for you to use at home.

Iain will make your visit as easy as possible as he appreciates everyone’s anxieties with treatment. He has the lightest touch and a brilliant attention to the intricacies of periodontal (gum) care.

By helping patients in the corner stone of dentistry that is prevention, Iain helps you to maintain a healthy mouth. This creates an oral environment where your dentist can apply the most advanced techniques, together furthering the longevity of your teeth.

Iain is also the Scottish Chair of the British Association of Dental Hygienists and Therapists.