Replacing age-related loss of tissue and smoothing facial creases is a field of medicine being embraced by men and women across the globe – and Fife.

At Park Avenue Dental Practice we run the YouYounger Clinic all week offering Advanced techniques in non-surgical facial rejuvenation, by Dr Cath Macdonald BDS.

Cath is keen to understand your cosmetic desires and to tailor the results accordingly. Whether you are looking for a subtle cheek bone enhancement or just to soften the creases below a down-turned mouth, or if you feel you have a constant frown, she will clearly explain your options so you can choose the look you want.

Cath has an in-depth understanding of facial anatomy and physiology and, of course, the injection techniques are a way of life for this gentle dentist. She will always apply anaesthetic gel to your skin beforehand – making treatment very comfortable.


Patient Reviews

Norma B
Just had some facial fillers today and I am really ecstatic with the results. Really surprised at how little it hurt too! Well worth the money and will definitely get it re-done. What an amazing difference to my face. No more Mrs miserable mouth!

Julie P
Botox and Fillers – All treatment explained very well – he got a good sense of what I was trying to achieve. Very gentle and no pain at all – so far very pleased with results. Good info before and good after care advice.

Monthly payment plans for Facial Rejuvenation are available. These are tailored to your long term goals and are arranged after the first course of treatment.

Juvederm®Dissolving fillers from £165

  • Cheek bone enhancement
  • Lip sculpting and definition
  • Down-turned smile
  • Chin shaping
  • Jowls<


Azzalure® botox from £180

  • Forehead lines
  • Frown lines
  • Crows Feet
  • Down-turned smile
  • Bunny lines
  • Hyperhydrosis – excess armpit sweating